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Livestock/Natural Resources Newsletter for Solano, Yolo, & Napa Counties - written by Morgan Doran, UCCE Advisor. To subscribe, please email

Issue Articles Date Added
June 2008 (284KB)

*Meetings in June to Address Livestock Processing Facilities
*Managing with Drought Irrigated Pasture Updates
*What will be required of cow-calf producers under the Country of Origin Label rules this September?

February 2008 (482KB)

*Rangeland Water Quality Meeting
*Thistle Control 2008
*Niche Meat Marketing Conference
*New BVD Vaccines
*Sheep Production Workshops

November 2007 (78KB)

*Wooly Weed Eaters
*Outlook for Cow-Calf Profitability Appears Positive
*Organic Livestock Production Workshop
*Methods to Prevent Copper Deficiency in Beef Cattle

March 2006 (944KB)

*Stable Flies and March Rains
*Treatment of Calf Scours
*Cattle Health Meeting in Winters
*2006 Niche Meat Marketing Conference

February 2005 (444KB)

*Niche Meat Marketing Conference
*Will This be a Bad Year for Grass Tetany?
*USDA Designates California Counties as Agricultural Disaster Areas
*USDA Issues Final Procedures and Sets Dates for Lamb Referendum
*Solar Power for Farms and Ranches

December 2004 (632KB)

*Animal Identification in 2004
*Proposed Air Quality Rule Notice
*Wildlife Friendly Water Structures
*Liver Flukes
*Rangeland Water Quality Conference
*Weed ID and Management Workshop

November 2004 (715KB)

*Hay Donations for Rumsey Fire Victims
*New Antibiotic for Beef Cattle
*Local Livestock Associations Seek New Members
*West Nile Virus Update
*Ewe Lamb Replacement & Retention Payment Program

March 2004 (182KB)

*Herd Health Education Program
*Your Future's At Stake Tour
*New Tools to Treat BVD Losses
*Eliminating Persistently Infected BVD Cattle From Your Herd
*Niche Meat Marketing Conference

December 2003 (876KB)

*Holiday Wishes
*Ranching and Biodiversity
*Treating Calf Scours
*Weed Workshop
*Request for Donations
*Newsletter Subscription Renewal

November 2003 (1,501KB)

*Conditional Ag Discharge Waiver
*Fall Cattle Health Reminders
*West Nile Virus Update
*Medicating Cattle
*Market Trend
*Donate Hay for So. Calif. Livestock

December 2002 (334KB)

*Beefing Up Marketing Local Marketing Working Group
*Feeding Cows - Prevent Scours
*Bovine Tuberculosis Update
*Weed Control Cost-Share Programs
*Market Trends
*Weed Control Workshop

July 2002 (634KB)

*Bovine Tuberculosis in CA
*Pinkeye Therapy
*Survey Results
*Market Trends
*USDA Relief to Lamb Producers
*Free Weed Control Brochures
*Beef Producer Meeting

March 2002 (874KB)

*Water Quality Regulation
*Bovine Virus Diarrhea
*Medusahead Control Research
*Cow-Calf Quality Assurance Program
*Market Trends
*Pesticide Use Reporting
*Beef & Range Field Day Beef Producer Meeting

December 2001 (741KB)

*Barb Goatgrass Control
*Nitrate Toxicity
*Rangeland/Pasture Weed Control Workshop
*Survey Market Trends
*Coyote Research

October 2001 (182KB)

*Anthrax Info for Livestock Owners
*Anthrax CDFA Fact Sheet
*What Livestock Producers Should Know Centers for Disease Control

August 2001 (173KB)

*Newsletter Introduction Who is This New Advisor
*Creating a Plan with Your Input Market Trends
*USDA to Require Carcasses Thrown Out

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